You're Engaged. Now What?

Getting engaged is a wonderfully exciting time for couples and their families alike. From the time your groom-to-be asks for your Dad's hand, it's all a swirl of emotion. There is lots of celebration to be had and we love celebrating that along with you! (Every year we include an engagement feature in the magazine.) While this is a very exciting time for everyone involved, there are a few things to keep in mind as you begin this new stage of life. Below we have rounded up a few things for you to check off the to do list now that you have a sparkly new accessory ;)

  1. Call Your Relatives

    ​​The excitement is swirling! You’ve just said yes to the love of your life and you feel on top of the world. While you should absolutely spend time reveling in the moment with your sweetheart, make sure to share the big news with your loved ones! Cover all the bases before that much loved Instagram post.

  2. Get Your Ring Sized & Insured

    This is the not so fun part but it is oh so important! Once you’re engaged, make sure to cover these two points as soon as you can. While it’s something we all hope to never happen, rings can be lost or stolen. It always seems to happen when you’ve put yourself in the mindset that “it’ll never happen to me”. It most certainly can happen to anyone and we don’t want that someone to be you! Going hand in hand with that, make sure that ring fits your little finger just so. A trip to the jeweler to have it sized doesn’t take much time and the trip there is definitely worth it! You want your Instagram to be perfect, right??

  3. Set a Date

    Let’s start in on the exciting things now! Do you want to say yes in the winter, summer, spring or fall? The seasons are yours for the taking, ladies! It’s completely your choice when you’d like to celebrate your beautiful wedding. Take some time to sit down with your sweetheart to toss around a few dates. Once you’ve set it, you’re ready to start all of the wedding planning!

  4. Set a Budget

    Now that the date is set, it’s time to start checking off that long to do list that goes along with wedding planning. Before you start booking all of the things that you need to, a budget must be set in place. This will allow you to keep your allocations for each piece of the puzzle put into place. The next trick will be sticking to those boundaries ;).

  5. Buy a Bridal Magazine (or 10!)

    Have some fun! So often we hear about brides getting bogged down with the stress that goes along with wedding plan. This is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of your life! Revel in the moment and curl up with a pile of bridal magazines. (Maybe even pop a bottle of champagne to sip on?)