Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dress


  1. Set Your Budget
    1. This isn’t always a fun aspect to factor in but it is necessary – especially when bridal gowns can skyrocket quickly! Make sure that before you even begin the shopping process that you have set a budget. What percentage of your wedding budget goes to the dress? What’s your range? Set it and stick to it, ladies!
  2. Start Your Shopping Early
    1. Nothing is worse than finding the perfect gown and finding out that there isn’t enough time to make the alterations necessary. What’s the best way to keep such a dilemma from surfacing? Start your shopping early! Once you’ve set your budget, get to shopping. 
  3. Let the Bridal Boutique Offer Gown Suggestions
    1. Every little girl dreams about her wedding day. From a young age, girls start to form an idea of what they would like their dress to look like. This image can make it difficult for bridal stylists to guide you in your shopping experience. However, that’s what they’re there for! The spend lots of time training to know what gowns look best on certain body types. Utilize their expertise and let them help you! 
  4. Buy a Dress That Fits Now
    1. While it can be easy to get carried away with the ideas of, “if I just lost five pounds this one would be the gown of my dreams!”. All girls can relate to this thought process. However, this creates another stressor on your big day and we all know that’s the last thing you need. 
  5. Trust Your Instincts
    1. This goes hand in hand with trusting your bridal stylist. If you find yourself head over heels for a gown that is completely different than what your original thought was, that is okay! Trust what your instincts tell you when you slip into the dress of your dreams.