Hotel Welcome Bags

It’s become fairly common for couples to leave simple welcome bags in the hotel rooms of their guests. This is used as thank you for making the trip as well as covering some guidelines for the wedding weekend ahead. Below we gathered a few ideas for you all to utilize in your own welcome bags! 

  1. Paperwork

    ​Invitation: In case they left this behind or spilled their Starbucks on their original, offering them an extra invitation is always a good idea. This way your guests won’t be scrambling trying to get the address on wedding day!

    ​Itinerary: Including an itinerary in the welcome bags depends upon who needs the “play by play” for the whole weekend. Some couples choose to include their entire family for the rehearsal dinner while some opt for a smaller crowd. No matter what you all decide on, it’s never a bad idea to keep loved ones in the loop!

  2. Cheers! 

    Who doesn’t love a little refreshment to sip on in the room? This doesn’t have to be anything too over the top, nor does it need to be alcoholic! There are plenty of delicious sips to provide guests with. This way while you’re busy trying to prepare for the big day, they have something to keep themselves occupied with! Check out some of these local favorites.

    - Dry Ground or Paducah Beer Werks

    - Purple Toad Winery

    - Piper's Tea & Coffee

  3. Sweet Treat

    This goes hand in hand with the refreshments for the room. Having a sweet little something to munch on in the room is always appreciated! Husbands especially will thank you for this treat while they’re waiting for the woman to get all prepped and ready for the big day! Check out some of these local favorites.

    - Artisan Kitchen: Double Chocolate Chip Cookie, Derby Bars, Caramel Chocolate Chewies Cookie

  4. Hydration

    Ahh, water. This is a true life saver for an celebratory weekend but especially a wedding weekend. Come Sunday morning, your guests will adore you for a gift like this in their welcome bags! We’ve all been the victim of a few too many glasses of bubbly on the big day. 

  5. Advil Packets

    This addition to the welcome bag goes hand in hand with a bottle or two of water. Even if your families aren’t big drinkers, weddings can really take it out of you. Providing your guests with a little pain relief are often welcomed with open arms.