Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone be in The Wedding Book?

Yes! At The Wedding Book, we want to celebrate all weddings. Destination weddings are welcome as well!

Can I send my payment first and materials later?

Yes! You’re welcome to go ahead and send payment to hold your spot in the magazine. We do ask that you send your materials within a few weeks following the wedding.

Will I get a preview of my page before the magazine is published?

Yes! We will send a proof to the email address you provide on your form, so make sure it’s an email address you check often. It will be strictly for catching grave errors, such as name misspellings or incorrect photo credit. This gives us a chance to make sure you didn’t accidentally spell your Aunt Kibby’s name wrong.

What is a high resolution photo?

Your photographer will know what type of files are high resolution so just mention that to them in your request. Essentially, the photos need to be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). 

Will I get my own copy of the magazine once it’s published?

Yes, we will send a copy to the couple and their parents. 

What is your readership like?

We reach more than 5,000 readers in western Kentucky and southern Illinois. We mail to all of the couples and each of their parents directly. We deliver multiple copies to each of our advertisers and we distribute the magazine via our newsstands in more than a dozen locations around the region. We also deliver to what we call a "lobby list" of salons, professional offices, retail outlets, etc. and many local events.

Why do you not release The Wedding Book in January?

There are several reasons for our publish date of April, but primarily it is so we can allow all the brides from later in the year to be included in the magazine.

Since the magazine is on the newsstands all year, we don't really think a particular publication date is critical to the exposure and visibility for our advertisers. In fact, we see "surges" in our rack sales throughout the year and often in the early spring when wedding season really gets started and lots of brides-to-be start looking for resources and inspiration.

People get engaged every day! So we want to be available to those potential brides and groom throughout the year, providing the local information on products and services WHENEVER they start planning their wedding.

I have too many questions to count! Is there someone I can talk to on the phone?

Yes, of course! Our Executive Editor, Rachel Curry, is always happy to answer any questions you might have. Her number is 270-210-9026 and email is

Where I can find the magazine?

I don’t want to write a novel about my wedding! Is there another option?

Yes! For those who prefer a formal write-up (as have typically been featured in the past), that same option is available. But for those who would rather focus on the photos and only touch on the highlights in caption form, there are new layouts available! See the examples here. 

How much does it cost to be in The Wedding Book?

For a Register feature in the magazine, the cost is $175 per page. You’re welcome to purchase as many pages as you’d like!