Bubbly Fun Facts


Fun Facts

1. There are approximately 20 million bubbles in each glass of champagne. This is according to a recent study published in American Scientist. Now that's some serious bubbly!

2. When the cork pops, it can reach up to 64 km/hour

3. Champagne has three times more gas than beer. Take that, beer connoisseurs! ;)

4. Marilyn Monroe once bathed in a tub of bubbles. According to her biographer, 350 bottles of champagne were used in the making of this sparkling bath. 

5. It's rumored that champagne was actually created by accident. As many know, the French region of Champagne is the northern most wine-making region in France. Due to this, the cold winter weather can interrupt the fermentation process. So when spring came the yeast would start fermenting again, creating a secondary fermentation, which for a long time the winemakers tried to prevent. This is how Champagne came into being.


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