5 Unique Wedding Send Offs

5 Unique Wedding Send Offs

It's a fairly common tradition to throw some sort of celebratory confetti in the air as the couple leaves from the wedding. This is something that you see at nearly every wedding but why wouldn't you want to stand out a bit? It's okay to break the tradition just a little here and there. Depending on the season and personality of your wedding, we've rounded up several ideas for you to choose from in the way of send offs! 

  1. Sparklers

    Shimmer, shimmer dolls! Adding sparklers to the mix is a perfect way to add a little pizzazz to your big day. It's all about celebrating, right? Can you think of a better way to start your life together? 

  2. Leaves

    Is a fall wedding something that's on your radar? If so, have you thought of tossing up some colorful leaves for your send off? Not only would this make for one colorful photo (photographers everywhere swoon!), but it wouldn't be quite as messy as glitter or confetti. This is the perfect option for the bride who doesn't want to be scrubbing glitter out of everything for days to come! Plus, it's quite festive if you ask me. 

  3. Bubbles

    We've seen several couples opt for bubbles at the send off because quite honestly - there's no mess there! It's also fun to have labels printed on these unique to the couple. This way it makes for a great wedding favors for guests to take home with them! Everyone loves a little memorabilia piece, right?

  4. Glow Sticks

    Maybe you and your husband are the non-traditional type - looking for something that's unique and colorful to send off into the sunset! Welcome the glow stick with open arms. Your guests are sure to enjoy having these colorful wands to wave around. Plus - they make for great jewelry pieces after the couple is off to their honeymoon. Two birds with one stone! 

  5. Glitter

    This is a personal favorite of the ladies at The Wedding Book! (Glitter is a color, right? It's our favorite one without a doubt!) Glitter makes for a perfect shimmering accessory to wedding photos. Ladies love a little twinkle!